Info for In-home Family Support Services

ELM Homes works with the individuals' family and the county to choose goals which are appropriate to the person and their situation. We provide staff who teach skills which lead to greater independence and self-sufficiency. Our trained In-Home staff work with the person on specific goals to increase independence while communicating and working with family members. ELM Homes' staffing hours are flexible and are based on the person and the family's schedule and needs. The main goal for our in-home Family Support services is on decreasing dependence on family members while assisting individuals in achieving their maximum individual potential.

We also provide In-home services to individuals who are living on their own; in their own apartment or house. These individuals are capable of independent living, but may need some assistance in only certain areas. We again work with the individual and their guardian or case manager to develop an individualized support plan that best supports their goal of independence.

ELM Homes takes a person-centered approach and may provide assistance in:

If you are looking for In-home Support Services for yourself or a loved one, or if you are a case worker looking for placement of your client, please print and fill out the Referral Form and submit it to Jocelyn Heyer, Executive Director.