We value a variety of residential settings which are safe and relaxing, ensure privacy and reflect the interests, routines and personalities of those living there.

We value the enhancement of the people we serve's ability to lead a self-determined life by providing support, information, and guidance necessary to become more independent, build self-esteem and assertiveness and to make decisions.

We value respectful communication, which promotes and protects the interests of individuals served, employees and the agency.

We value the need for positive problem solving, which will provide a safe and fear-free environment.

We value a career-related service training and identify areas of self-improvement, while pursuing any relevant resources and necessary educational information that will enhance self-development.

We value knowledgeable staff regarding formal and informal programmatic practices in order to respond to the needs, desires and interests of the individuals served.

We value staff who have the ability to assist individuals in meeting their physical and personal management needs by teaching skills, providing supports and building on individual strengths and capabilities while respecting the privacy, autonomy and dignity of the individual.

We value staff who are knowledgeable about formal and informal supports available in the person we serve's community and collaborates personal and professional relationships with all support team members.

We value a high quality of medical care and promote/provide guidance in all areas of healthy living, given the unique characteristics of each individual served.

We value the right of choice, recognizing that individuals have differing abilities to choose, comprehend and experience the consequences.

We value physical safety with a carefully determined balance of individuality, security, protection, and choice.

We value fiscally sound practices, which reflect a commitment to our mission statement and preserve the integrity of the organization.

We value the exercise of legal and civil rights afforded to each citizen.

We value proactive leaders/supervisors who demonstrate competency, integrity and who are responsive to and supportive of the persons they work with.