How We Help

What Is Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment consists of an individual being hired by a business and ELM SES provides the on-site support.

  • The individual is an employee of the business.
  • The individual receives supervision from a Job Coach employed by ELM SES.
  • ELM SES provides ongoing assistance with supervision, performance evaluations, and additional job training.

Supported Employment Services

Our philosophy within ELM Homes SES is to provide support and training for adults with disabilities to gain independence. The principle of normalization and the premise that individuals with disabilities have the right to work in their community in the least restrictive environment possible is the program core of ELM Supported Employment Services (SES).

ELM SES is committed to providing support to individuals, who have experienced challenges and barriers in maintaining employment, by assisting them to find and maintain employment in which they can be successful.

ELM SES offers person-centered services, which include:

* Providing job assessment tools to find employment

* Providing job development and placement

* Providing on-the-job training

* Providing supervision and monitoring if extra support is needed to maintain community jobs

* Providing long-term support services to promote job retention

* Assistance in developing skills for successful job interviews

* Assistance in overcoming barriers and challenges in order to retain community employment

* Providing variety and flexibility in job duties to create a positive work environment

* Providing supervision between residential and vocational programs. This means support plans will be consistent, integrated, and coordinated.

* Offering intense specialized training, or classroom instruction on social skills, problem-solving, self-control, and job skills, in order to support continued success and progress towards decreasing challenges and barriers that have limited past success.

ELM SES Values:

  • the enhancement of an individual's ability to lead a self-determined life by providing support, information and guidance necessary to become more independent, build self-esteem, assertiveness, and to make decisions.
  • career-related service training and identifies areas of self-improvement, while pursuing any relevant resources and necessary educational information that will enhance self-development.
  • the right of choice, recognizing that individuals have differing abilities to choose, comprehend, and experience the consequences.
  • the ability to assist individuals in meeting their vocational needs by teaching skills, providing supports, and building on individual strengths and  capabilities while respecting the privacy, autonomy and dignity of the individual.

For the employer that hires an individual, ELM SES promotes:

* Valuable experiences for the businesses.

* Dependable employees

* Employee retention

* Quality workmanship

* Support in employee supervision

Promoting Valuable Experiences

ELM SES promotes valuable experiences for all individuals served. These experiences include, but are not limited to:

* Growing in relationships, not only with paid employees, but most importantly with community members.

* Making informed choices, not only day-to-day routine decisions, but major decisions regarding their personal lives and futures.

* Using an individual's talents and capabilities, stressing what an individual contributes rather than their needs or limitations.

* Being treated with respect and dignity, participating in valued social roles within the community.

* Sharing common places and becoming part of their community through both their work and personal lives.